Forsjá frá Oddhóli



S: Grunur frá Oddhóli
SS: Kraflar frá Miðsitju
SD: Gola frá Brekkum
D: Fönn frá Reykjavík
DS: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri
DD: Frigg frá Kirkjubæ

Forsjá is a pretty petite mare, black with a star, that is with us on consignment. But don't let her small size fool you! Forsjá is a proud mare with great forward-thinking spirit and a lot of Icelandic pride that rides like Porsche! We picked out this amazing mare and imported her from Iceland in 2017. She is now looking for a new partner that is as talented and focused as she is.

Forsjá has some very interesting bloodlines behind her. Forsjá's sire is the amazing stallion Grunur frá Oddhóli. In addition to being evaluated first prize himself, he was also winner of the winner of the Tolt at the 2006 Landsmót - and has been awarded first prize for the quality of his offspring. Grunur himself is the product of two honor prize horses: Kraflar frá Miðsitju and Gola frá Brekkum. Forsjá's dam Fönn frá Reykjavík, was a second prize mare and a daugher of the great honor prize Hornafjörður stallion, Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri. In addition, Fönn has produced three first prize horses and one second prize horse - so she was also quite a successful breeding mare. This interesting combination of bloodlines not only give Forsjá her talents as a riding horse, but she would be a very good candidate for breeding as well.

Though Forsjá is likely genetically five gaited, she is trained and ridden as a four gaited horse. She has four excellent gaits. Probably the best is her tolt, which is crisp, clean, smooth, and available in all speeds with impressive movements. She gives an amazing feeling when you ride her in tolt - smooth and powerful. But her walk, trot, and canter are also great quality. Her gaits would certainly do well in the show ring, but they are also a ton of fun out on the trail. She is a forward thinking mare and is always willing to offer more energy and speed. She is responsive to the rider and willing to please.

Forsjá was trained by one of the best in Iceland - Sigurbjörn Bárðarson (Diddi). Then most recently she was tuned up by Taktur Icelandics. So she is very well-educated horse and a joy to ride for those with experience. Because of her clean, clear gaits she would also be interesting for someone that wants to dabble in dressage. She can do a lot and therefore is a great horse to continue to learn and grow with. She is super both out on the trail or in the ring. We have certainly been enjoying riding her!

Forsjá is a bit reserved with new people, but bonds strongly to those she knows and loves. She would really enjoy having a special person to be active and do things with. She loves ring work, trail riding, whatever - she just likes to move and do. An educated, intermedidate rider is recommended as she is a forward and responsive horse. If you want a true Icelandic expereince, she's the one! Please contact us for more information.

Forsjá could also be bred to our stallion, Strákur frá Vatnsleysu, before going to her new home.


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