Kolfinna frá Tvennu

Kolfinna frá Tvennu


S: Krákur frá Blesastõðum 1A
SS:  Tõfri frá Kjartansstõðum
SD:  Bryðja frá Húsatóftum
D:  Hróðný frá Blesastõðum 1A
DS:  Hróður frá Refsstõðum
DD:  Ösp frá Blesastõðum 1A

Kolfinna is a beautiful young black mare with a cute star and snip. Though we weren't looking for another mare, Kolfinna's super sweet and friendly character, combined with her talents, excellent training, and outstanding pedigree made her impossible to resist!

Kolfinna has strong, proven bloodlines behind her. Kolfinna is a daugher of the famous stallion, Krákur frá Blesastõðum 1A. Krákur was evaluated first prize overall, including a score of 9.5 for his stunning tolt. Krákur also has received the award of 1st prize for the quality of his offspring. Kolfinna's grandsire on her father's side is the famous Tõfri frá Kjartansstõðum, also evaluated first prize with a 9.5 for tolt. Both Krákur and Tõfri are well known for their beautiful elegance and high movements. Kolfinna's mother is the talented first prize mare, Hróðný frá Blesastõðum 1A. Her grandsire on her mother's side is the famous honor prize stallion, Hróður frá Refsstõðum. These are exciting genetics that make Kolfinna an interesting breeding mare.

Kolfinna was started by top trainer Sara Sigurbjörnsdóttir, who provided Kolfinna with an excellent foundation. Even after only a few months of training Kolfinna shows lots of tolt with good movements. But best of all she has an easy character and is very willing to please. Now that she is finished with her motherly duties we are looking forward to enjoying her as a riding horse! Kolfinna may be available for purchase or breeding lease.

Kolfinna's Offspring:

2021 - Sindri from Sand Meadow- black with a star gelding

Five year old Kolfinna with a young rider

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