Lögg frá Laufhóli

Lögg frá Laufhóli

US2006204678 - IS2006258429

S: Bógur frá Laufhóli
SS: Sleipnir frá Laufhóli
SD: Valný frá Laufhóli
D: Kilja frá Laufhóli
DS: Skörungur frá Laufhóli
DD: Dúkka frá Laufhóli

Head 8.5
Neck/Withers/Shoulders 8.5
Back/Hindquarters 8.0
Proportions 8.0
Quality of Legs 8.0
Leg Structure 6.5
Hooves 8.0
Mane/Tail 7.5

Total Conformation 8.03

Lögg is a very large, pretty five gaited chestnut pinto mare. With her large size (14h), color, and confidence she is a mare that really stands out from the crowd.

Though her pedigree is nothing special except for her grandsire Sleipnir frá Laufhóli, who is a evaluated first prize stallion with a 9.0 for tolt and a successful competition horse both in Tolt and Four Gait, Lögg seems to have the genetic strength we look for in our breeding horses. She gave birth to three offspring before we owned her and all three had significant positive attributes they were good looking with strong legs, had great characters, and lots of natural tolt with good movements. This combined with Löggs own sweet character and solid conformation made us bring her home.

In May of 2014 when she had just started her training we had Lögg formally evaluated for conformation. We were not at all surprised that this beautiful and well-built mare scored over the first prize mark. Lögg is not only conformationally correct, but she has a lot of size and real substance - something that can be lacking in more finer built "modern" horses.

Lögg frá Laufhóli
Lögg being presented for evaluation
photo: Shaila Ann Sigsgaard

Lögg also is proving to be a very fun and talented riding horse. She loves to head out on the trails and is extremely brave and independent. She has five strong gaits, including a very natural tolt that is her first choice of gait. Her movements are wide and she covers a lot of ground. She also has a great energy level always willing to go, but just as easy to stop. She goes well with a bit - or bitless. Her size, good bone, and correct structure make her a very good weight carrier and she has a tremendous amount of endurance out on the trail. Lögg has been used for lessons for riders of all levels (including children) and has also particpated in clinics. However, she really enjoys riding out best and her ideal partner would be an advanced beginner or intermediate rider that wants to hit the trails with a big and beautiful easy-tolting smooth mare that will turn heads wherever she goes. Lögg is really a super pleasure riding horse that is also has the bonus of being a successful broodmare.

Lögg is very easy to handle and is well-mannered for vet, farrier, etc. She is registered, microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations, and has a current coggins. She also trailers easily and is a pleasure to have in the barn.

To view many more photos of Lögg please visit her photo album.

Lögg is available either for breeding lease, or sale to the right home. Her sale price is $12,000. For more information, please contact us.