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Sokkadís from Sand Meadow

Sokkadís, 2 years old
2 years old

USIHC Registry No. US2011204549
Born: June 13, 2011

S: Stígandi frá Leysingjastöðum II
SS: Andvari frá Ey I
SD: Dekkja frá Leysingjastöðum II
D: Gima frá Ytra-Dalsgerði
DS: Stígur frá Kjartansstöðum
DD: Gígja frá Ytra-Dalsgerði

Sokkadís (“goddess with socks”) is a leggy black pinto filly. She is very elegant and shows enormous promise from her spectacular bloodlines. She is a very special filly and she knows it!

Sokkadís’ sire is the exceptional black stallion, Stígandi frá Leysingjastöðum II. Stígandi is well known for his incredible tolt, for which he received a 9.5, and his gentle character. He is one of the top sires outside of Iceland. Stígandi’s sire is none other than the great honor prize stallion, Andvari frá Ey I, a prolific sire of many of the best horses in Iceland today. Sokkadís’ dam is our first prize, Gima frá Ytra-Dalsgerði. With her royal pedigree Sokkadís promises to be a very exciting horse for the future - for pleasure, breeding, and show.

Sokkadís, 1 year old
1 year old

Sokkadís was officially evaluated as a young horse in November of 2013 by FEIF International Breeding Judge and US Breeding Leader Barbara Frische. Barbara was fully of praise for Sokkadís describing her as a five gaited mare with lots of tolt, good sensitivity good separation of gaits, good fluent energy, good gaits, and enough carrying and pushing power to be successful in flying pace as well – overall a promising breeding, sport, and pleasure prospect. Sokkadís received high marks for overall development, neck position, sloping shoulders and open elbow, back, proportions, hooves, cooperation, reactions, joy of running, height of movements, speed capacity, balance, beat in tolt, natural tolting ability, and beat in trot. Barbara’s ending comment was that Sokkadís was an overall interesting and good horse – and we agree!

We are proud to announce that due to the terrific evaluation she received Sokkadís was ranked the 5th highest evaluated young horse of 2013 out of approximately 60 other young horses! This is an excellent result for a very special young girl.

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Sokkadís' ultra-talented sire, Stígandi frá Leysingjastöðum II
Sokkadís' ultra-talented sire, Stígandi frá Leysingjastöðum II