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Baldur from Sand Meadow

Baldur 6 months
6 months old

Born: May 21, 2017

S: Sporður frá Bergi
SS: Álfasteinn frá Selfossi
SD: Hrísla frá Naustum
D: Sædís frá Melabergi
DS: Roði frá Múla
DD: Sveifla frá Bakka

Baldur is a well-built five gaited chestnut gelding from impeccible bloodlines. His sire, Sporður frá Bergi, is a first prize stallion and known as a very sucessful show horse here in the US. His grandsire on his sire's side, Álfasteinn frá Selfossi, is also a first prize stallion and is currently one of the most popular stallions in Europe, well-known for producting exceptional horses. Baldur's' dam is our own first-prize Sædís frá Melabergi, a daughter of Roði frá Múla, who received first prize for his own abilities, and for the quality of his offspring.

The first thing you notice about Baldur his his large, kind, and sweet eye. Like all of Sædís' offspring he has a calm and willing to please character. From his sire, he gets great self-confidence and presence. He is quite unflappable and is very easy to work with - friendly, but respectful. From both his parents he has inherited a very strong build, with a well-built and solid body, and a proud arched neck. He shows all five gaits in the field with very supple and natural tolt. It's clear that Baldur has excellent potential to be a top riding horse.

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Baldur one month old” title=
Showing off his tolt (1 month old)