Bokki from Cornell

Bokki 3 years old
3 years old

Born: July 5, 2013

S: Geisli frá Litlu-Sandvík
SS: Strútur frá Kópavogi
SD: Kátína frá Litlu-Sandvík
D: Lögg frá Laufhóli
DS: Bógur frá Laufhóli
DD: Kilja frá Laufhóli

Bokki is a very handsome five gaited jet black pinto gelding. He is almost all black except for four white socks - and a white tail - which makes him really stand out in the pasture. He was bred and born at Cornell University, part of the Wagner Lab studies, and enjoyed growing up on their large pastures in a big herd. He is a son of our stunning mare Lögg frá Laufhóli. From her he inherited a lot of natural tolt, and a calm and steady character. He is very friendly and confident without being pushy. This charming young man has great potential as a pleasure trail horse - and possibly a low-level sport horse.

In the fall of 2013 when he was just a foal Bokki was officially judged as a young horse by FEIF Breeding Judge Barbara Frische. She found him to have a lot of natural tolt with high movements and good spirit. Overall Barbara felt Bokki should be an excellent pleasure trail horse with the potential for some low-level sport compeition. This was exactly what we saw in him too.

Currently, Bokki is growing up with our herd at Sand Meadow awaiting his inital saddle training next spring.

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Bokki, 3 years old” title=
Showing his white (3 years old)