Kleópatra from Sand Meadow


USIHC Registry No. US2012204646
Born: June 9, 2012

S: Hrókur frá Hlemmiskeiði 1A 
SS: Piltur frá Sperðli
SD: Bylgja frá Ey I
D: Gima frá Ytra-Dalsgerði
DS: Stígur frá Kjartansstöðum
DD: Gígja frá Ytra-Dalsgerði

Kleópatra is a very tall and robust black five-gaited mare. With her well raised neck, rich black color, thick mane and tail, large hooves, and abundant feathering she resembles a mini-Friesian – but her supple tolt in the field gives her away every time.

Kleópatra’s sire is the handsome, Hrókur frá Hlemmiskeiði 1A , son of honor prize stallion Piltur frá Sperðli and grandson of honor prize stallion Stígur frá Kjartansstöðum. Hrókur was a magnificent tolter, having received a 9.0 for the quality of his tolt. He also was one of the highest rated horses in BLUP in North America for tolt. However, what was most special about Hrókur was his extremely gentle character. He was an unflappable, calm and tolerant horse. We are proud to report that Kleópatra’s character is very much like that of her sire. Along with his character, Kleópatra also shows her sire's movements and impressive bearing.

Kleópatra also goes back to the honor prize stallion Stígur frá Kjartansstöðum on her maternal side as her dam, our first prize, Gima frá Ytra-Dalsgerði is a daughter of Stígur. From her dam, Kleópatra gets her large size and long legs. With such strong bloodlines behind her Kleópatra is an exciting horse for pleasure, breeding, and show.

Kleópatra and Steve
Kleópatra and Steve

In the fall of 2013 Kleópatra was formally evaluated by FEIF International Breeding Judge Barbara Frische with an excellent result. Barbara gave Kleópatra the high marks for her captivating expression, natural tolting ability with remarkable suppleness, balance, light build, high neck carriage, back, correctness of legs, hoof quality, and lush mane and tail. Kleópatra’s endless natural tolt is probably her strongest gait, but she showed good walk, trot, and canter as well. Flying pace may also be possible in the future. As Barbara put it, this young horse “has something”! The score sheet from her evaluation will be provided upon request.

We are proud to announce that due to her terrific young horse evaluation results Kleópatra was ranked the second highest evaluated young horse of 2013 (right after her half-brother Loftsteinn) out of approximately 60 other young horses! This is quite an accomplishment as scores for yearlings are often lower as they are usually at an awkward stage of development. Not so for pretty Kleópatra!

To view many more photos and videos of Kleópatra as she develops please visit her photo album.

Kleópatra has quite a bit of training and experience for her young age. She is light in the bridle and her supple natural tolt is completely automatic. She is like a magic carpet ride! Through she can trot and canter when asked, who would want to? She has been ridden extensively in the ring, in clinics, out on the trail by herself and in groups, mastered all sorts of trail obstacles, trailered to many different places, been ponied, gone swimming (which she loves!), done a little barrel racing for fun, given pony rides to children, and has even had cows roped off her. She is calm, confident, and very tolerant of rider mistakes, but needs some direction from her rider - otherwise she would prefer to eat grass or stroll over to visit with her friends :) We are currently enjoying Kleópatra as a riding horse and continuing her training.

Kleópatra is very friendly and enjoys attention. She is well mannered for vet, farrier, etc. and is easy to handle. Being domestically bred she has shown no signs of any summer ezcema or any other skin allergies. She is registered, microchipped, is up to date on all vaccinations, and has a current coggins.

Kleópatra would be an ideal horse for a confident advanced beginner on up that wants a large, beautiful, calm horse for the trail that is still flashy with endless natural tolt. A luxury trail horse! And also might like the possibility of a future breeding/show horse. Her current price is $12,500.

For more information on Kleópatra please contact us.

Kleópatra tolting through the field at age 2 and a half” title=
Kleópatra tolting through the field at age 2 and a half