Þoka from Sand Meadow


USIHC Registry No. US2011204548
Born: June 5, 2011

S: Kalman frá Lækjamóti
SS: Álmur frá Lækjamóti
SD: Von frá Stekkjarholti
D: Sædís frá Melabergi
DS: Roði frá Múla
DD: Sveifla frá Bakka

Þoka (“fog or mist”) is an elegant black/brown mare. Her color changes with the seasons from deep black to milk chocolate brown and every shade in the middle. She is an exceptional riding horse. This is no surprise coming from two excellent first prize parents who were/are very special horses to us.

Like all Kalman’s offspring Þoka is extremely beautiful with light, dancing movements. She has lots and lots of tolt, and takes big, wide steps. She offers tolt readily to her rider and she is a tolting machine just like her mother Sædís. From her first rides her supple gaits and willing character were evident. She is very supple through her body and light in the bridle. Her character is a sweet as they come. She always seeks to please and is an eager learner. She is willing to work hard for her rider in the ring or out on the trail and is always forward thinking. To top it off, Þoka's genetics provided her with excellent conformation.


In the fall of 2013 Þoka was formally evaluated by FEIF International Breeding Judge Barbara Frische as a young horse. Barbara found Þoka to be a “good girl” always watching positively and waiting for cues for what to do next – very expressive and cooperative, with perfect sensitivity. Þoka received excellent conformation marks for her straight facial profile, high set neck, sloping shoulder, correct legs, strong hooves, much mane and tail, and very good proportions. In movement Þoka showed lots of very supple tolt, great supple trot, nice canter and walk with high neck carriage and great balance. Barbara thought that Þoka was four gaited, but might be possibly four and a half gaited (similar to her dam with a little flying pace) but that her strongest gait would probably be tolt with good gait separation. So far, Barbara’s predictions are spot on! We are proud to announce that due to the terrific evaluation she received Þoka was ranked the 9th highest evaluated young horse of 2013 out of approximately 60 other young horses! This is an excellent result – especially for a four gaited horse.

We are currently enjoying Þoka as one of our personal riding horses. We might breed her - if we can give up riding her! She is so fun. She has a terrific work ethic (always waiting at the gate) and really wants to DO!

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Þoka just completing her basic training at age four