Safír frá Vatnsleysu

Safír frá Vatnsleysu


S: Lord frá Vatnsleysu
SS:  Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum
SD:  Lydía frá Vatnsleysu
D:  Ösp frá Vatnsleysu
DS:  Glampi frá Vatnsleysu
DD:  Hildur frá Vatnsleysu

From one of the top breeding farms in Iceland, Safír (ďSapphireĒ) is an extremely promising five gaited colt. Black with a star, snip, sock, and a magical blue eye he carries many of Icelandís best bloodlines in him. Weíre thrilled to have this little guy part of the Sand Meadow family and also excited about his future.

Safírís pedigree includes some of the most impressive and talented horses in Iceland. His sire, first prize Lord frá Vatnsleysu, scored 8.25 overall without pace, though he is a five gaited stallion. Lordís talents have also made him successful on the competition track in four gait. In 2016 Lord was a B finalist in B-Class (four gait) at the Landsmót. Lordís sire is the honor prize stallion Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum (8.74 overall). Þóroddur was the top five year old stallion at the 2004 Landsmót in the breeding show, and came in second place in the 2006 Landsmót in the A-Class (five gait). Lordís dam is none other than Lydía frá Vatnsleysu. Lydía is not only a first prize mare (8.3 overall) but she is the winner of the Tolt at the 2004 Landsmót giving an extremely memorable performance. Safírís dam is Ösp frá Vatnsleysu. Ösp was an extremely talented mare and ready to walk in the steps of her half-sister Lydía, however, she unfortunately became ill before she could be shown. However, she has already been quite successful as a broodmare. Öspís sire is the famous Glampi frá Vatnsleysu. Glampi was a first prize stallion (8.35 total) that was also awarded first prize for offspring. Known as ďThe Peopleís HorseĒ he was a very successful competition horse with the extremely high and flashy movement that the Vatnsleysa line is known for. He was a finalist in both the 1998 and 2000 Landsm ót in the B-Class (four gait).

Even at a young age Safír is already showing beautiful movements. For now he will stay with his buddies at Vatnsleysa growing up healthy and strong on Icelandís large pastures. We look forward to watching him develop.

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