Sula frá Gunnarsstöðum



S: Smári frá Skagaströnd
SS: Safír frá Viðvík
SD: Snegla frá Skagaströnd
D: Kría frá Gunnarsstöðum
DS: Þristur frá Feti
DD: Ósk frá Hafrafellstungu 2

Sula is a stunning four-gaited black pinto mare with an amazing tolt and dream character. We feel incredibly fortunate to have such an extraordinary mare in our herd for both riding and breeding.

Sula's sire is the amazing first prize stallion Smári frá Skagaströnd. Smári frá scored 8.34 overall, with a 9.0 for tolt. He is well-known for passing on his incredible tolt to his offspring. Smári's sire is the well-known first prize stallion, Safír frá Viðvík. Sula's dam is the amazing tolt mare Kría frá Gunnarsstöðum, a daughter of the great honor prize stallion, Þristur frá Feti. Kría is a second prize mare, also scoring 9.0 for tolt. Great tolt is in Sula's genes on both sides and she shows it!

Sula excels as a tolter, displaying impressive agility and a broad speed range in her tolt, always maintaining a consistent clear rhythm throughout. Her sizable strides are remarkably fluid, ensuring a comfortable ride. She also has a ground-covering trot and walk. More than her physical abilities, Sula's character is extraordinary; she's friendly, cooperative, and enthusiastic, eager to perform well whether on the track or trail. Adding to her charm is her stunning appearance, characterized by her eye-catching color and refined grace. She is everything an Icelandic horse should be!

Sula in tolt
Sula in tolt
Photo: Taktur Icelandics

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